KM0 architects have been acquiring experience since 1999, including every scale between architecture and urban design.

We have successfully faced every kind of projects, scale or clients, which has allowed us to offer a custom treatment based on confidence, experience and responsibility.

Unlike conventional offices, we count on specialists who collaborate with us in order to provide the best possible result.


KM0 is an architecture office founded in Puerta del Sol, Madrid, in 2010

A creative space where we listen and interpret the needs of every client, of every place, in order to get te essence that makes every project unique.

A solid and permanent structure, completed by a team of collaborators and specialists who allow us to confront all kinds of projects with enthusiasm and dedication.

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After ten years designing and working as project managers, we decided to start our own office.

A place where we can develop our very own vision; where can put into practice ideals, dreams and work.

Since the very beginning, he have achieved recognition in the public and private area through several national and international competitions as well as our clients satisfaction and gratitude.

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Over the years, KM0 has grown and has been consolidated, gaining experience in projects of all type and scale:

- Urban design and landscape.
- Singular buildings.
- Single family dwellings and collective housing.
- Restoration and interior design.
- Prefabrication and industrialization.
- Efficiency and sustainability.

Always with the highest ethical commitment to quality and meaningful architecture

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