Pelayo García Costales


t: (+34) 669 04 43 75

1977 Oviedo


2004 Architect. Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valladolid. Carries out his academic education and architecture practice in Valladolid, Lisbon, Berlin and Madrid.
2005 Architecture practice in Jerónimo Junquera y Liliana Obal Architects (Junquera Architects).
2011 Founds KM0 Architects along with José Blázquez, Santiago Cifuentes and Juan Manuel Palacios.


2008 Founds ‘Contemporary Journey’ along with Luis Játiva. Iniative based on offering a privileged vision of modern and contemporary architecture in Madrid.


2011 Founds ‘PlayMöbel’ along with Luis Játiva and Martin Henkel, focused on flexible furniture for small housing and offices.

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